• The ESNCM operates its academic program on the basis of modules. Students must pass specific modules in order to obtain the elementary and intermediate certificates. Students register at the beginning of the academic year for a set of modules, choosing the number and nature of modules on the basis of their own wishes and their overall academic program, in consultation with the academic supervisor.

  • Instrumental tuition is considered the core of the academic program, and the student must register for instrumental lessons as the major module.



The Elementary Certificate
This certificate is awarded to students upon successful completion of the following courses:
  • Grade 4 Instrumental exam
  • 231 - Musicianship 2
  • 451 - Ensemble playing 2 (not for piano, guitar and voice students)
  • 381 - Piano Literature 1 (for piano students only)
  • 162 - Oriental percussion ensemble 1
  • 261 - Choir 2
  • 433 - Maqam 1 (for oriental instrument majors)