Awards and Honors

  • 2005: ESNCM General Director Suhail Khoury was awarded the Welfare Association Excellence Award, for the achievements of the ESNCM in Palestine, its expansion and influence in the cultural landscape. The financial award was $50,000, of which $40,000 was donated to the ESNCM by Mr. Khoury.
  • 2013: The ESNCM was awarded the Welfare Association Jerusalem Prize, for its teaching and promotion of music in Jerusalem, its energizing of the music scene in Jerusalem and its work with underprivileged children, especially in the Old City. The financial award was $50,000.
  • 2014: The ESNCM was honored by the Takreem Prize, taking the Cultural Excellence Award during a celebration in Marrakesh, Morocco, in the presence of 500 key figures from the Middle East and abroad. Takreem is an annual independent pan-Arab award. 
  • 2015: The ESNCM was given the National Day of Culture Honor by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, in recognition of the role that the Conservatory plays in developing the cultural scene in Palestine.


  • 2015: The ESNCM was awarded the Arab Academy of Music Prize (Organizations category) in October 2015, for its contribution to Arabic Music and its role in promoting Arabic music in the society.


  • 2016: ESNCM choir and ensemble "Banat al-Quds" won the Best Regional Choir Award at the ChoirFest Middle East 2016, which is an annual festival in Dubai celebrating the rich diversity of choral music in the region. Banat al-Quds is  Jerusalem-based ensemble, led by Suhail Khoury, who coaches the choir, and Louiy Abbasi, who coaches the instrumental ensemble.


  • 2018: ESNCM Bethlehem Branch was awarded the "Madame Humanité" Prize of the international exhibition in Prague. The "Madame Humanité" is awarded annually for cultural and artistic activity which supports humanistic and educational programs for chuildren and youth in the world
  • Taawon’s Ragheb Kaloti Jerusalem Award

    Taawon–Welfare Association grants annual awards for excellence and creativity to members of the Palestinian community, both individuals and organizations. In 2021, believing in the group’s noteworthy contribution to the Palestinian cultural fabric, the Jerusalem Branch nominated its flagship choir and ensemble Banat Al-Quds for the Jerusalem Award, named after the late philanthropist Ragheb Al-Kaloti. After a long process that included shortlisting and postponement for political and organizational reasons, the conservatory was informed of the positive news in August 2023: Banat Al-Quds Choir and Ensemble were to be awarded with the Taawon Jerusalem Award 2022 during a ceremony in the final concert of Layali al-Tarab festival. During the event, jury members delivered the award to the young ladies of the choir and ensemble, accompanied by speeches by representatives of Taawon, the jury, and a representative of the ESNCM, the latter expressing the gratitude of both the choir and the conservatory.