Education Overview

The ESNCM offers several programs of study in its branches


The Bustan Program
The Kindergarten program is divided into two age groups: Bustan al-Baraem (Garden Buds) is for children aged 5, and Bustan al-Zuhour (Garden Flowers) is for 6-year-olds, or those in their first grade at school. Children attend the program twice a week, learning music through play and through special methods designed for their age group, including Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze methods. Students do not learn a specific instrument in the Bustan program, but are exposed to all the instruments through live demonstrations by ESNCM teachers, which facilitates choosing an instrument to play after completion of the Bustan program.


Musical Activities

Students can participate in group musical activities offered by the conservatory, such as choirs and percussion groups, or other activities which do not comprise a regular academic program.


The Amateur Program

Lessons are offered to amateurs and music lovers through the Amateur Program. Students take individual lessons on their instrument, and may also register for theoretical or group courses (subject to teacher approval), without having to comply with the regular curriculum or to sit for exams. Students in the amateur program do not get credit or certificates for classes and courses that they have attended.


The Regular Program
This is the largest program at the conservatory. The Regular Program consists of training in a Western or Arabic instrument, with examinations in 8 grades, plus an optional preparatory level, each of which can be completed in a maximum of two academic years. It also includes theory, ear training, and history and appreciation of Arabic and Western classical music. The program also emphasizes ensemble playing, choirs and group Arabic percussion. The program gives students a broad education in both Arabic and Western music cultures.

The program is divided into three levels, each with requirements in terms of passing instrumental examinations and theoretical and other group subjects.

  1. The Preparatory level. 

  2. The Elementary level.

  3. The Intermediate level


The Diploma Program

This is a specialized program for students who have passed the intermediate level, and who wish to continue their musical education at a higher level, either to prepare them for work or for admission to collegiate programs in universities and conservatoires worldwide. The program focuses on performance as well as teaching skills, and culminates in an examined public recital.


The Bachelor's Degree Program

This program is offered at Birzeit University in cooperation with the ESNCM, and currently specializes in the performance of Arabic music. To enroll in this program, students must apply directly to the university. In this program, students will study, in addition to performance and theoretical aspects of music, compulsory university modules and requirements of the faculty of Art, Music and Design.  Applicants for this program must pass a practical and theoretical audition. Students who hold the ESNCM's intermediate or diploma certificate may benefit from exemption from some university courses.  Graduating students receive a Bachelor's degree specializing in the performance of Arabic music.