Important dates

15/3/2019 - 15/4/2019 Registration for enrolment and scholarships for continuing students   
1/4/2019 - 30/4/2019Registration for enrolment and scholarships for new students 
15/4/2019Deadline for paying registration fees (continuing students) - 10% of total fees 
30/4/2019Announcement of accepted students for next academic year (continuing students)  
2/5/2019 - 25/5/2019Auditions for new applicants 
25/5/2019Scholarship committees meet  
31/5/2019Announcement of scholarship committees' decisions 
15/6/2019Announcement of accepted students for next academic year (new students) 

Announcement of the list of registered students for the next academic year.

15/6/2019Re-opening of registration for any available places 
5/7/2019Deadline for paying 50% of the fees (all students) 
20/7/2019Announcement of the academic program for each student and start of program distribution 
1/9/2019Start of teaching for the academic year 2019/2020 
3/10/2019Deadline for adding and dropping modules    
10/11/2019Deadline for paying second last installment of tuition fees 
1/12/2019Deadline for withdrawing from a module with a mark of "W"