The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Welcome to The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Festival of Arabic Music 2013

في حنيننا الى الطرب العربي الأصيل
نستذكر أم كلثوم والحافظ وعبد الوهاب والجزائرية وردة.
ليالي الطرب في قدس العرب يطل علينا من جديد بدورته الخامسة وبروائعه الطربية


When young Palestinian musicians take to the stage, there is a determination and ambition that many performers elsewhere would envy.

It is the dream of many young musicians: to perform at the Proms in London alongside a world-famous star before an audience of 3,500 people and millions of television viewers.

Preparations are underway at the National conservatory of Music in Jerusalem in full swing for the opening of the new headquarters of the Institute and which begins today Thursday at five pm and will continue until Friday evening.

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