Instrument Workshop

In May 2013, the instrument workshop was inaugurated in the Bethlehem branch of the ESNCM. The ESNCM’s professional luthier, Aref Sayed, himself an ESNCM alumnus, runs the workshop, where he manufactures violins, violas, cellos, ouds, qanouns and buzuqs. He also repairs and maintains all of those instruments as well as double basses and guitars.
Aref was trained in his craft at the Antonio Stradivari School of Violin Making in Cremona, Italy, where he gained a diploma in violin making. He subsequently graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau, Germany, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Instrument Technology, completing his studies with practical training at the Istanbul Technical University.
The instrument workshop is open to the whole community, and Aref even repairs instruments from Gaza when transportation can be arranged. Aref also gives lecture-workshops, describing and demonstrating his work and educating others about proper care of string instruments.
The instrument workshop is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm, and is located in the Bethlehem Branch of the ESNCM. Aref can be contacted at the branch or on +970-(0)56-835-5394 / +972-(0)52-515-4562.