The Elementary Certificate
This certificate is awarded to students upon successful completion of the following courses:
  • Grade 4 Instrumental exam
  • 231 - Musicianship 2
  • 451 - Ensemble playing 2 (not for piano, guitar and voice students)
  • 381 - Piano Literature 1 (for piano students only)
  • 162 - Oriental percussion ensemble 1
  • 261 - Choir 2
  • 433 - Maqam 1 (for oriental instrument majors)
  • Attendance at least 3 concerts organized by the ESNCM during their period of study in the elementary level
The Intermediate Certificate
This certificate is awarded to students upon successful completion of the following courses and conditions:
  • Receipt of the Elementary Certificate
  • Grade 8 Instrumental exam
  • 531 - Musicianship 5
  • 851 - Ensemble playing 4 (excluding piano, guitar and voice students)
  • 681 - Piano Literature 2 (for piano students only)
  • 562 - Oriental percussion ensemble 2
  • 661 - Choir 4
  • 634 - Introduction to Harmony (for western instrument majors)
  • 532 - Introduction to Oriental Music (for western instrument majors)
  • 833 - Maqam 2 (for oriental instrument majors)
  • 541 - Introduction to History of Western Classical Music
  • 742 - Introduction to History of Oriental Music (for oriental instrument majors)
  • 871 - Chamber Music 2 (for piano, guitar and voice students only)
  • Attendance at least 3 external concerts organized by the ESNCM every year of their study in the intermediate level
The Advanced Diploma Certificate in Performance

This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the following assessments and conditions:

  • Receipt of the Intermediate Certificate
  • A performance in the form of a concert of around 30-40 minutes. This can include solo pieces, music with piano/percussion or music in a chamber group or ensemble.
  • Detailed programme notes 
  • Advertising the concert
  • A 30 minute viva - an interview style exam where the student answers questions on the repertoire played, the styles, the composers etc.
  • Teaching Experience element.  
Instrumental Examination Certificates
Students are awarded certificates for each instrumental examination they pass, from preparatory to level 8. The certificate includes the grade assessment, either "acceptable", "good", "very good" or "excellent", based on the mark the student is awarded in the examination. A mark of 90/100 or above is considered excellent; a mark of 80 - 89/100 is considered very good; a mark of 70 - 79/100 is considered good; and a mark of 65 - 70/100 is considered acceptable. The pass mark is 65.
Bustan al-Musiqa Certificate
Students who have completed either of the Bustan programs (Garden Buds and Garden Flowers) will receive this certificate.
Annual Transcript
All regular students receive an annual transcript of their marks in all modules at the end of each academic year.
General Transcript
Students may request a transcript of all their marks since commencing their studies at the ESNCM. Requests for a general transcript should be directed to the branch director. A small fee will be charged for issuing this certificate.