Nablus Branch

The ESNCM program in Nablus began in 2005, initially as part of the outreach program and in cooperation with a local arts organization, Nablus the Culture. ESNCM provided teachers and musical instruments, and Nablus the Culture provided teaching space and administrative support. The success of the project led the the ESNCM to put intensive effort into fundraising to cover the costs of opening and running an official branch in Nablus.  A substantial grant from the Swiss Drosos Foundation and several other grants allowed the establishment of the Nablus branch in summer 2010, in a refurbished historic building located in Rahbat Street. The branch has 65 students in the academic year 2018/19, with a further 20 children participating in the ESNCM's outreach program in the nearby town of Beit Furik.

Contact Details:
Rahbat Street
Tel: +970 (0)9-238-7773
Fax: +970 (0)9-238-7772
Mobile: +970-(0)592-9000-38

Branch Manager:  Itiraf Remawi :

Academic Supervisor: Izzeddin Said: