Activities Days

Ramallah and Bethlehem branches and the Tchaikovsky Music School held “Activities Days” from 14th - 16th February. The idea of the Activities Days is that regular ESNCM classes are suspended and in their place, activities and taster sessions are implemented which expose students and sometimes parents to new experiences in music and music education. In the Ramallah branch, activities included a workshop on the role of parents in motivating students; a Karaoke night for students, parents and friends; a 3-day composition workshop; a 2-day workshop on listening to and appreciating Arabic music; a guitar workshop; a 2-day creative harmonization session; songs and musical games for young children; and rehearsals for the ESNCM Orchestra concert. Bethlehem Branch and the Tchaikovsky School implemented a joint program, which included guided listening sessions on various subjects including the sound of the flute in different musical settings; Arabic music appreciation for students of Western instruments; music kindergarten sessions with the involvement of parents; and “teacher swap”, where advanced piano students took their regular lessons but switched teachers, giving them new ideas on their current repertoire.