Banat al-Quds win at ChoirFest Middle East

ESNCM girls' choir and ensemble "Banat al-Quds" has won the Best Regional Choir Award at the ChoirFest Middle East 2016, which is an annual festival in Dubai celebrating the rich diversity of choral music in the region.  It features performances by choirs of all musical traditions and gives educational opportunities to singers and conductors through workshops and masterclasses with some of the world’s top choral groups and conductors. 

The 'Choir Of The Year' competition that leads the festival programming each year gives an opportunity for all participating choirs in the region to improve and value choral excellence.  ChoirFest Middle East also invites an international act to pilot expert courses on vocal techniques and disciplines throughout the week, followed by a headline performance at the celebratory gala concert.

This year, the ChoirFest took place between the 1st - 5th of March 2016, with the participation of 15 youth and adult choirs.  During the week,  Banat al-Quds performed in several venues and events such as the Dubai British School, the Fridge, the Emirates Airlines Literature Festival in Shindagha and the Els Club for the Choir of the Year Competition. Moreover, on March 4th, Banat al-Quds performed in Abu Dhabi for a private fundraising concert and dinner. 

Banat al-Quds also participated in an Open Vocal Workshop with the world-renowned "Real Group" along with Al Fayha Choir from Lebanon.  The choir of Banat al-Quds also took a vocal workshop with Lars Ake Levin, a choir master and teacher from the Royal College of Music in Stockhom. 

Banat al-Quds is  Jerusalem-based ensemble, led by Suhail Khoury, who coaches the choir, and Louiy Abbasi, who coaches the instrumental ensemble.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 14:30 to Saturday, March 5, 2016 - 14:30