“Black and White” Piano Exposition

The ESNCM piano department held a 3-day exposition for piano students entitled “Black and White”, consisting of concerts in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Ramallah from 28th – 30th March 2019. Twenty piano students from the three cities took part, playing solo pieces and piano duets in the concerts, which were curated by the head of the piano department at the ESNCM, Dina Shilleh. The programs featured solo works including Nocturnes and Waltzes by Frederic Chopin, Sonatas and Sonatinas by Beethoven and Mozart, and several major four-hand piano works such as the Sonata for Four Hands by Francis Poulenc, and the Petite Suite by Claude Debussy. The concerts, which were held in the ESNCM branch halls of Beit Sahour, Jerusalem and Ramallah, were attended by around 400 people. The Jerusalem concert was held under the umbrella of the Jerusalem Nights Festival.