Chilean-Palestinian ensemble Shatat in concert

Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramallah hosted three concerts from 11th – 13th April 2019 by the Shatat ensemble from Chile alongside musicians from Bethelehem.

Shatat is an ensemble established five years ago in Santiago, Chile, with the aim of promoting awareness about Palestinian heritage and art. Shatat means “diaspora” and reflects the situation faced by Palestinians around the world, who are scattered by political circumstances which continue generation after generation, and who face enormous challenges to connect with their homeland. Its members are Karim Hodali (oud), Victor Mhanna (guitar and keyboard) and Christian Jamasmi (vocals). They were joined for this tour by seven musicians from the ESNCM’s Bethlehem branch, playing oud, qanoun, buzuq, percussion and strings, as well as a singer.

The ESNCM is always proud to play a part in bringing Palestinian musicians together to celebrate and promote their shared identity, whether that is from the worldwide diaspora in countries like Chile, or connecting Palestinians with each other from around historic Palestine.


Click here to watch an interview on Palestine TV (in Arabic) with two of the locally based musicians who performed with Shatat.