The ESNCM presented three ensembles in the Palestine TV program entitled “Firqa” (Band)

Jilan Ensemble. A series of performances by an ensemble of Conservatory teachers and students playing the accordion, clarinet, cello, buzuq, qanoon, and Arabic percussion as well as piano and voice. To watch, please visit:

Bazazeeq: A series of solo and group performances by an ensemble of buzuq players and their teacher Tareq Abboushi, performing traditional Arabic and Palestinian folkloric music. The session includes short explanations (in Arabic) by Tareq Abboushi. To watch the presentation, please visit:

Marassina: A series of solo and group perfomances by a large ensemble that includes students of the oud, buzuq, qanoon, violin, cello, clarinet, and Arabic percussion under the leadership of Samer Totah, performing traditional Arabic music. With short explanations (in Arabic) by Samer Totah. To watch the session, please visit: