I Am A Palestinian Child

On April 5, the Day of the Palestinian Child, the Conservatory released the CD titled I Am a Palestinian Child. It features songs whose lyrics and melodies were penned and composed by Mrs. Rima Tarazi, chair of the Conservatory’s Board of Supervisors, who gifted this collection to the children of Palestine and to all the children of the world. The album was launched with the song “Niyalak Ya Asfour” (I Envy You, Dear Sparrow) in which she expressed the beauty of freedom – that is missed by the people and children of Palestine. The CD includes thirteen songs through which Mrs. Tarazi aims to both convey a message and impart ideals ​​to Palestine’s children, teaching life skills and enhancing national values. The collection is suitable for children of all ages.
We would like to highlight that the songs on this disc were arranged by Conservatory teacher Tareq Abboushi and sung by the Conservatory’s Nissan Choir, led by George Ghattas. The instrumental accompaniment was performed by Heather Bursheh, flute; Tareq Abboushi, piano and buzuq; Charlie Rishmawi, bass; Yaqoub Hammoudeh, qanun; and Samer Jaradat, percussion.
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