International Christmas concerts organized by the Conservatory

The ESNCM organized two concerts with the artists Dina El Wedidi and Tania Saleh in cooperation with the Norwegian production company KKV to celebrate the holidays and welcome the new year.

Dina El Wedidi is an Egyptian singer, player of the guitar and duf drums, composer, actress, and storyteller. She is known as the main performer in a group of musicians who have worked extensively during the past two years and combine local and international music. Among her most prominent songs are "Cut the Pain", "Ya Badr" and "Ya Insane".

A friend of the Conservatory, Tania Saleh is one of the most important singers and songwriters in the Arab world and Lebanese music scene. She is highly appreciated and respected as one of the pioneers of alternative art music in the region. Her wide experience has nurtured her talent and allowed her to integrate various musical styles that fuse Arab tarab, mawwal, and Lebanese dabka with rock, funk, jazz, bossa nova, and, in her most recent work, electronic music. She has been able to create a special style in which she competes with no one.