Introducing Tamer Sahouri, the Conservatory’s new academic director

Tamer Sahouri is a Palestinian oud player and composer who has previously served as the head of the ESNCM’s Department of Arabic Music. Born in 1987 in Bethlehem, Tamer began to study the oud at the Conservatory in the year 2000 and graduated with distinction in 2009. He then obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arabic music from Birzeit University and a second bachelor of arts degree in business administration from Bethlehem University.
Tamer’s love of music was obvious when he was only four years old. His love for the oud was inspired by the artist Marcel Khalifeh; upon hearing him perform for the first time, Tamer begged his family to buy him an oud. His sister responded and gave him the instrument, while and his parents registered him at the ESNCM to enable him to learn to play music.
Tamer has performed in many concerts and festivals both locally and in Europe, Africa, and the United States. He participated in the Palestine Youth Orchestra and founded the musical group WAJD at Bethlehem University.
The Conservatory welcomes Tamer in his new position and looks forward to a new chapter under his leadership, wishing him and the entire ESNCM family a successful musical and educational journey.