The Lighting of the Christmas tree celebrated in Jerusalem

On December 13, the garden of the National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem was overflowing with Christmas spirit as Conservatory staff organized a celebration to light the Christmas tree to highlight the importance of music and its social, cultural, and political role in Palestinian society. This activity is part of the Conservatory’s annual programs and activities that inspire joy and hope and contribute to preserving Palestinian cultural identity.

As the ceremony was organized as a statement of compassion and optimism during the pandemic-induced crisis that has severely affected the country, it adhered to the imposed health protocol. Its performances were broadcast on social media, where they were viewed many times, received many likes, and were shared numerous times. If nothing else, this spirited reception indicates the strong interest in music among Palestinian citizens; from another perspective, it reflects the Palestinian people’s determination to keep up hope and their love for life – despite all the difficulties they must endure.

The celebration included several musical performances presented by the Conservatory’s bands and orchestras, such as the Jerusalem Chamber Orchestra, the Jerusalem Wind Band, the Jerusalem Choir, and Baraem Jerusalem Strings, in addition to individual Conservatory students who performed together with Palestinian musician Antonio Shakour.