Lil Quds Salam... a new production to commemorate the steadfastness of people of Jerusalem

As a part of the conservatory’s's strategy to strengthen the Palestinian cultural presence in Jerusalem and to confront the policies of the Zionist occupation, Edward Said Conservatory seeks to develop a permanent Arabic music program to preserve Arab productions, writing and composing for the oriental takht and Arab music in general. This production is an extension of many decisions and programs that  enriched the Palestinian Arab music scene in the city.
“Peace to Jerusalem” is a musical production composed by Suhail Khoury to the lyrics by Fouad Srouji. It was created last year and released in 2022, as Jerusalem is facing some very difficult times. The lyrics of the song say: “Peace to Jerusalem, a thousand times peace to the best land, peace to Jerusalem and its people who are fighting the armies of darkness”. This work highlights the heroism of Jerusalemites and their steadfastness in their land, and to document the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem and our right to it.