Mangers Choir in the Glorious Easter Tour

Leading up to the Easter Holiday, The Edward Said Conservatory has intensified its efforts to reach and to celebrate with as many Palestinians as possible. In cooperation with churches and city municipalities, the Institute organized an Easter tour for the Marnemo al-Mahd band in Haifa, Beit Sahour, Jerusalem, Zababdeh, Taybeh and Ramallah. The tour’s program consisted of Byzantine hymns dedicated to the Holy Week. It was well received and highly attended by a diverse audience from different cities.
Despite the difficulties Palestinians face every day like restrictions of the occupation and repressive tactics, The Edward Said Conservatory holds strong to its vision which is to deliver music to every Palestinian person and home, especially during the holidays. It was a challenge to bring all of the band members to Jerusalem and other cities, but the conservatory insisted on holding these evenings in order to support Palestinian cultural presence in all of Palestine.