Maqamat Al-Quds in an evening of music in the capital

The Maqamat Al-Quds Ensemble performed music pieces by  great Arab composers at Faisal Al-Husseini Hall.. Louay Abbasi,  oud teacher at the ESNCM, conducted the concert. The band consisted of  advanced students from the Arabic music department at the conservatory, and student Donna Ayyad sang. The ensemble performed music by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Sayed Makkawi, and other great composers.
The show was attended by a large audience and very well received.
The audience interacted with the band and expressed much interest in their future performances. It is worth noting that the band was established as a product of the Arabic music development program at the National Conservatory of Music. It is the first ensemble at the conservatory  that specializes in presenting a diverse musical program between instrumental musical pieces and songs from the classical and contemporary Arab heritage. Among former  and present participants there are many who have gained a high musical status in the Palestinian, Arab, and international music scene, including: Hani Asaad, Osama Abu Arafa, Nai Barghouti, Samira Kharoubi, Mohamed Nijem and Charlie Rishmawi, Samer Rashed, Mohammad Ghosheh, Tamer Al-Sahouri, Louay Abbasi, Musa Abbasi and many others.
At the end of May, the band will participate in the Belfort Festival in France, alongside French students who will share their musical performances at the festival.