National Conservatory of Music preparing for the opening of its new headquarters in Jerusalem

Preparations are in full swing at the National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem for the official opening celebrations of the new headquarters of the Institute, which begins today Thursday April 11, 2013, at 5pm and will continue until Friday evening. The new building of the conservatory based in al-Zahra St, in the Shihabi building, which shows the nobility of Arab architecture at the end of the nineteenth century. The building was built in the year 1890, and the ownership returned to Zulekha Shihabi who is considered a pioneer of feminism in Palestinian,  having (among many achievements) organized the first conference of Palestinian women in 1929.  The antique stones add a special sparkle to the place, distinguishing it from other surrounding buildings, and it was necessary to restore and maintain it for fear of exposure to the risk of collapse. Today the building appears in its new look which allowed to increase the number of students in the  conservatory along with the implementation of a greater number of activities and events that will benefit the students and the people of the city in general. The general director of the Institute Mr. Suhail Khoury commended the efforts made by the Welfare Association and the Shihabi family who facilitated the process of restoration and allowed the conservatory to benefit from the place after it was abandoned for more than twenty years, and maintained during the restoration process the beauty of the building and its original ethos, which make the place harmonious with the musical creativity contained inside. Mr. Khoury confirmed that the existence of such a place in Jerusalem will contribute to making a quantum leap in the world of music in Jerusalem. The opening ceremony will feature a range of performances by students of the conservatory.