New Video Clips

The ESNCM has produced three new video clips in recent months. Firstly, in a tribute to our colleague Itiraf Rimawi (director of the Ramallah branch), who is currently imprisoned by the Israeli occupation under so-called administrative detention, and all the Palestinian prisoners, this video is of the song “Ya Ushaq al-Ard Halimmu” (Lovers of the Land, Rise up”) by Ahmad Qabour, and features ESNCM students Reem Malki and Maya Abu Arayes, accompanied by Academic Supervisor in Ramallah branch, George Ghattas.

The second clip is “Salute to Gaza”, composed by ESNCM General Director Suhail Khoury with lyrics by Fouad Srouji. It was arranged by Kjetil Bjerkestrand, and performed by the choir of the ESNCM in Gaza.

The final video is “Ya Naseem al-Rih” (“Oh soft breeze”) by Lebanese composer and supporter and friend of the ESNCM, Marcel Khalife. It is performed by the Gaza Orchestra of the ESNCM with soloist Najlaa Hmeed, and conducted by Anas al-Najjar.