Outreach program

The Edward Said National Conservatory’s mission is to bring music to every Palestinian home. Its goal is to make music learning accessible to all Palestinian children in their local environment and to provide learning opportunities for disadvantaged children. Through the outreach program, the conservatory provides free musical instruments to students, organizes group musical activities and individual lessons. Several Palestinian cities and camps have already benefited from participating in the program. 

Music with children

As part of the outreach program, ESNCM staff visited Palestinian villages with a purpose to discover  children with an interest in music and to help them develop their skills. One of the most important projects that started this year and still exists is the “Silwan project” with the Al-Bustan Association in Jerusalem, which focuses on discovering talent and provides children with instruments and educational classes to help develop their natural abilities.

The Dheisheh Orchestra...music by the children of the camp

One more notable project of the conservatory’s outreach program is the Dheisheh Orchestra. The ESNCM, in partnership with Ibdaa Foundation, launched a first performance of the Dheisheh orchestra, led by Waseem Kassis after three months of intensive training provided to the children of the Dheisheh camp for Palestinian refugees in Bethlehem. The Dheisheh ensemble is the first project in the country to have children of 14 years and under play in a large orchestra, led by a conductor. Mr. Wassim Kassis commented, "The children's response and enthusiasm was great, they were excited for the idea of ​​building a large orchestra. As for the exercises, they were trained in sections, according to their instruments."