The Ramallah Studio - A platform for music making in Palestine.

A Fruitful collaboration between ESNCM and Jafra Music Production

The Ramallah Studio is a space with international standards, and was designed and equipped with the highest audio recording systems, providing young musicians and artists in Palestine with state of the art recording studio and professional tech support.

Supporting Palestinian productions; Bridging Palestinian music with the rest of the world

The studio embodies the Conservatory’s belief in providing the right environment for young Palestinian musicians to grow and evolve, enabling them to unleash their full potential as professional artists and reach audiences locally and internationally.  Furthermore, the studio is setting the baseline for the music industry in Palestine, helping musicians transform their skills into reliable income generating sources.  
The studio was launched with the signing of a partnership agreement between the ESNCM and Jafra Music Production, and with the support of the Drosos Foundation and Bank of Palestine in partnership with KKV who are working hand in hand with ESNCM to promote the studio, sponsored by the Norwegian Representative.