Scholarship campaign to support students in need

The ESNCM Jerusalem Branch has launched a crowdfunder campaign to help the scholarship fund in the city. Please visit the campaign here:

The donations that we will receive will be dedicated to enhance the scholarship fund for the benefit of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music students of its branch in Jerusalem. This will enable more students from the Jerusalem city to study music, and will enhance and develop further the current students' capacities and skills. With an overall objective to facilitate the access of underprivileged children to quality music education and to contribute in activating the musical life in the Jerusalem city by catering for and sponsoring more music talents from the young Palestinian generation, the ESNCM, and through this project, specifically aims at identifying and sponsoring talented young musicians, and enhance further the music and performing skills of the current students. By consolidating the scholarship fund, more students from the Governorate will be able to study music, more public will be affiliated to the branch and support its programs, and the sustainability and financial resources of the Branch will be also enhanced, and the music and performing levels of the current students will be enhanced.

Each year, the sponsorship programme enables around 450 students to learn music in the Jerusalem branch as well as in the outreach programme in the Old City of Jerusalem. Providing opportunities for wider categories of the society to access music education, the sponsorship programme contributes to filling the existing gap in Palestinian curricula resulting from the lack of music education activities in the school system.

The scholarship fund is an opportunity to strengthen the services and presence in the Jerusalem Governorate in order to increase the opportunity for talented students from the region to pursue music education and training and enhance their skills, and to activate musical life in the Governorate.