“Thobe Sitti” (My Grandma’s Embroidered Dress)

The song “Thobe Sitti” was reproduced by Palestine TV and the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, filmed as a video clip. The song’s lyrics were written by the poet Khaled Jumaa and its melody composed by Suhail Khoury; it is performed by Hamza and Rimas Al-Ghazali from Gaza.

The song is originally from the CD Bass Shwai, a special production of children’s songs by the Conservatory that includes 12 songs. Its music is composed by Suhail Khoury and performed by members of the Oriental Music Ensemble that includes Ibrahim Atari on the qanun, Ahmed Al-Khatib playing oud and buzuq, and Youssef Hbeish on Arabic percussion.

You can listen to “Thobe Sitti” at: https://bit.ly/2YZ6wfo