Weekly Branch Concerts

As an integral part of the academic process, weekly concerts are held in each branch. In these concerts, students of all ages and levels perform pieces that they have been preparing, in front of friends, family, teachers and the public. Sometimes students play solo pieces, while other times they may be accompanied by teachers or as ensembles with other students. In addition, teachers often perform in the weekly concerts, giving students the opportunity to see their mentors in action as performing musicians. These weekly concerts, which usually take place on Friday afternoons, fulfil several objectives. Firstly, they are opportunities for students to practice performing in a friendly and relatively informal environment. Secondly, students have the chance to hear their peers and teachers play, which can be a valuable and motivating learning experience; and thirdly, they provide the opportunity for family and friends to enjoy listening to their loved ones playing complete performances. In addition, families might like to bring along their younger children to the concerts: this exposes children to different instruments and lets them discover their preferences, which may assist with choosing an instrument later on.