The ESNCM honors its graduates who earned an Intermediate Certificate in 2019–20Even though the coronavirus pandemic prevented the holding of the annual graduation ceremony, several students were... Continue Reading
Amira IsaacAmira Isaac A clarinet player and teacher at the National Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem, Amira has successfully... Continue Reading
la Tahjuru (Don't leave your country)The Daughter of Jerusalem Presents La Tahjuru (Don’t leave your country)  Composed by: Suhail Khoury... Continue Reading
Audio experiment conducted in preparation for the launching of the Arab...In line with the ESNCM’s vision and plans for the establishment of the Arab Orchestra in Palestine that shall be... Continue Reading
Distance Learning during COVID-19 pandemicIn response to the rapid and unprecedented developments that shook the world and our country with the outbreak of the... Continue Reading
Student performances under lockdownMusic Under Quarantine,” performed by an ensemble of 40 string instruments and piano at the initiative of Tamer Sahouri... Continue Reading
Member of the ESNCM Supervisory Board. Ramzi Riham will always be rememberedRamzi Rihan, a professor of physics at Birzeit University, passed away at his home in Ramallah in April. A great mind... Continue Reading
“The Dice Player - Music Performance ”A musical performance titled “The Dice Player’s Poem” based on a poem by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, was held... Continue Reading
A concert featured students and professors of the National Conservatory of...A concert featured students and professors of the National Conservatory of Music at Al-Quds Center, Mormons University... Continue Reading
The History of Construction outside the Walls of Jerusalem presented by Azzam...The History of Construction outside the Walls of Jerusalem Presentation by professor Azzam Abu Al-Saud in... Continue Reading
15/02/2020 to 16/02/2020
The Conservatory Orchestra presented a concert titled “Magic and Fantasy” The ESNCM organized, in partnership with the Geneva University of Music (Haute école de musique), a series of... Continue Reading
Educational concerts engaged young listeners with drawing activities As a special activity this year, the ESNCM invited school students to partake in musical performances. Several music... Continue Reading